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Our Founders Circle is an integral group of leaders who provided the spark to ignite our organization, each making individual commitments of $10,000 in 2018. We are deeply grateful for both their financial contributions and their strategic guidance as we look to make a unique difference to our local founders, their teams, and our community. These individuals are true ambassadors for the startup ecosystem in the Lake Norman area.  

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Moore Nanotechnology Systems & Moore Tool

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"LaunchLKN has successfully connected some of the brightest minds in the Lake Norman and Charlotte region through a local network of like-minded individuals. Our focus is on networking, mentoring and communication - pairing successful industry technologists and leaders with talented and capable entrepreneurs. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the founding team.”


Bob Guth

Independent Director

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“I’m excited to be a part of the LaunchLKN effort. The mentoring opportunities and the community development initiatives brought me to the group, but what has caused me to get even more involved is the the caliber of people I’ve met and the shared spirit to do something impactful for the Lake Norman area."

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John Hevey


Birch Avenue Investments, LLC.

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"Entrepreneurial activity and growth is vital to any growing economy. It is exciting to be a part of LaunchLKN's mission to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Lake Norman community."

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Mike Marvin

Managing Director 

MDM Advisors

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“Every community needs to have new industries and businesses to keep it fresh and youthful. Our community is endowed with a rich set of seasoned, talented, successful people who have helped grow businesses all over the country. Through LaunchLKN, we hope to leverage this key asset into growing existing and creating many new businesses that will help sustain the vitality of our community.”

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Mark McDowell


Real Ventures

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“LaunchLKN is unifying the talent and resources of the region into an ecosystem where entrepreneurs are welcome and supported (and served good local beer).”

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Chris McGee


Profit Insight

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"There are many successful entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in the Lake Norman area. Until LaunchLKN, there wasn’t a facilitator to bring us together to learn, share ideas, and form a community that encourages and supports one another. I am excited to be a part of it.”